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November 1, 2002


Some days, we feel great.  But some days we feel darn horrible.


Some days nearly everything works out perfectly for us.  But some days almost nothing goes right. 


This is the case with everyone. We all have our good days, and we all have our bad days.


Astrologers have long believed that the constant changes in the astrological positions of the planets have a lot to do with the changes in the types of days we experience. Below are the three major types of astrological changes that astrologers use in order to predict whether or not a day is good or bad for you:


A: What Signs each of the Planets are in


As the planets move in the sky, they move from one astrological sign to another. Most astrologers believe that every time a planet moves from one sign to another, we feel a change. For example, most astrologers believe there is a difference between our moods when the Moon is in Libra as opposed to when the Moon is in Scorpio.


This type of change is the basis for almost all the "horoscopes" that are published in magazines, newspapers, websites, etc. For example, a horoscope might say "Leo - Mars has entered your sign, and this means you will have more initiative and drive."


B: Your Transits


A transit occurs whenever a planet in the sky is making a meaningful angle to any of your natal planets. Although virtually all astrologers agree that transits are significant, there are no horoscopes that include transits. This is because every person has a different set of transits for every day, and horoscopes have to be more general. It is impossible to write a transit horoscope for more than one person at a time.


C: The Alignment of the Planets (Planetary Geometry)


As the planets constantly move in the sky, the movement of the planets causes constant changes to the alignment of the planets, and therefore the Planetary Geometry changes. For example, the planets may change from forming a Grand Trine to forming a T-Square. A day when there is a Grand Trine is usually helpful for us and we feel better and accomplish more. On the other hand, a day when the planets form a T-Square normally means we will experience more stress than success. The Planetary Geometry of the planets on any given day has a much stronger influence on us than which signs the planets are in.


The existence of a Grand Trine in the sky has a much greater influence on us than whether any planet is in Leo, Virgo or in any other sign. In spite of this, as far as we know, not a single newspaper, magazine or website publishes a horoscope based on day to day changes in the Planetary Geometry formed by the planets.


The Magi Society's research clearly tells us that such astrological changes are very significant, which is why we decided to publish a new type of horoscope based on changes in Planetary Geometry (the alignment of the planets). We will publish this new horoscope monthly on our websites and the horoscope will tell you which day(s) of each month would be the best day(s) to engage in each of the following romance activities:


Carry out a memorably successful seduction

Meet someone new who could be the one

Commence a fling that will not complicate your life

Go out to the single spots and look for someone new to spend the night

Ask for a commitment (like marriage) from a loved one

Break off an affair

Ask for forgiveness and rekindle a relationship gone awry

Talk over problems and arrive at an agreeable solution

Make love for the first time with someone you want to marry

Make love for the first time with someone you are sure you never want to marry

Go out on a first date

Begin a live-in relationship


Because our new horoscope will render advice about matters of love and sex, we have named it the Magi Society LOVEORACLE™.





After successfully concluding the most extensive study into the astrology of romance, the Magi Society discovered that the key to romance on a day to day basis is the Planetary Geometry of that day.  What is Planetary Geometry?  For instance:


Are you planning a seduction? Well, we have wonderful news. Your chances of exhilarating success will be greatly improved when you entice and tempt someone at a time when Venus, Mars, Neptune and/or Pluto form SEDUCTION ALIGNMENTS in the sky.  When any two of these four planets form certain Love Angles with each other, there is a Seduction Alignment and the undecided will say "Yes", and the willing will become insatiable.  Your chances for memorable sexual encounters are at their absolute highest when there is a Seduction Alignment in the sky. Seduction Alignments work so well that you should plan your love life around them.


Monica Lewinsky is a perfect example. The first time she seduced a rather willing Bill Clinton was when there were two Seduction Alignments in the sky (November 15, 1995).  Or did Bill seduce Monica?  They probably seduced each other!  But that is precisely our point.  On that night, we were ALL more sexually oriented.  On that night, fears and doubts were forgotten, caution and inhibitions were cast aside, and everyone was feeling much more romantic, and more sexual.  In fact, everyone had more sexual energy that night, which is why Seduction Alignments work.  Maybe even Orrin Hatch and Jesse Helms were beginning their own affairs that night.


The secrets of Planetary Geometry are fully explained in a new book by the Magi Society, called Magi Astrology: The Key to Success in Love and Money.  As a result of our new knowledge, we have compiled our first LoveOracle™. It is for November of 2002:



The dates below are the best days this month for the twelve romance activities described:


[Editor's Note: these dates apply to everyone regardless of your astrological sign - for example, November 13 is a very good day for everyone to carry out a seduction.  But the actual degrees of success you will achieve in these activities on these dates depend a lot on your own individual transits on each day - as explained at the bottom of this page.]


Activity Best day(s)
1. Carry out a memorably
successful seduction
November 13
2. Meet someone new
who could be the one
November 1, 2, 5
3. Commence a fling that will
not complicate your life
November 20, 21
4. Go out to the single spots and
look for someone new to spend the night
November 14
5. Ask for a commitment (like
marriage) from a loved one
November 9, 10
6. Break off an affair November 19, 20
7. Ask for forgiveness and rekindle
a relationship gone awry
November 13 (happens to also
be a really good day to carry out
a seduction)
8. Talk over problems and
arrive at an agreeable solution
November 1
9. Make love for the first time
with someone you want to marry
November 9
10. Make love for the first time with someone
you are sure you never want to marry
November 15
11.  Go out on a first date November 5
12. Begin a live-in relationship November 1, 5





We chose the above dates based on the Planetary Geometry of each day in November 2002.  We explain how to do this in our third book.  If you would like to look at the Planetary Geometry of each day in November, click here.


We believe the LoveOracle™ is fun to use, and can be of help to you in your love life.  But please remember that any matter of love or sex is serious business. You can get the most out of the LoveOracle™ if you learn all of the principles of Magi Astrology related to both love and sex, especially about TRANSITS.





According to Magi Astrology and the above LoveOracle™, if you are looking for that special person to love you, November 1 is a good day to meet someone new who could be the one you have been looking for.  However, as we have explained in our books and this website, almost always, a person has to be having at least one Cinderella Transit in order to meet the one they will love for a lifetime.  What this means is that in order to get the most out of this LoveOracle™, you should always check what your transits are on each of the days.  The Magi Society offers special software for sale to everyone who joins us, and this software can interpret all of the important transits. If you would like us to email you information about the Magi Society and the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.



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