The power of Cinderella Aspects and Cinderella Linkages were the main reasons Charles Darwin is widely regarded as the father of modern biological sciences. It was not Darwin's genes. Darwin had weak genes for survival as evidenced by the fact that he was an invalid for most of his life (a fact that is little known). Darwin's birth chart was not that great either. He did have two Super Aspects but that was not enough for what he wanted to do. In fact, he was essentially a failure until his life turned around shortly after he was married on January 29, 1839. If you employ the principles of Magi Astrology, it is easy to understand why Darwin's life turned upward after he got married. Darwin's Marriage Chart had two Cinderella Aspects. He himself had none. And Darwin had two Cinderella Linkages formed with his Marriage Chart. In addition, the CAC of his birth chart and his Marriage Chart formed a Grand Trine, which we know is very powerful Symmetrical Combined Planetary Geometry. The CAC is below. The planets in black represent the positions of his planets when he was born and the planets in red represent the positions of the planets when he was married.

What do you think Darwin would say if he were alive and read this? We think he probably would think we were full of baloney. But that is okay. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and belief. And in our opinion, if it were not for the power of his Marriage Chart and the gifts of the God he despised, no one would know his name today. We have a lot of evidence to back up our opinion. After all, what are the odds that the Marriage Charts of FDR, Napoleon, Freud and Darwin would all fit so perfectly in precisely the way Magi Astrology says they would? The only reasonable possibility is that Magi Astrology really works. But Magi Astrology is the astrology of the Benevolent Design.

The conclusion we draw is that even if we do not have a great birth chart, we can still achieve lifelong happiness and enormous success. But our Marriage Chart is crucial in this regard. One of the goals of the Magi Society is to train and teach its members how to pick the best possible wedding dates, and other important dates such as days to start a new job or business, or buy a house. (The Members Only Section of this website contains some material that helps our members to learn how to do this.)

The Magi Society also has a consulting service, and one of our specialties is we select highly propitious wedding dates that we believe will greatly improve the chances of a happy, lifelong and very successful marriage.

If you would like information about our consulting services, or about how to become a member of the society and about the benefits of membership, please click here and send us an email.

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