FDR is so famous that nearly every adult in the USA knows that "FDR" means Franklin Delano Roosevelt. One reason is because FDR is widely regarded by Americans and historians as the single most successful politician in the history of the country. He is credited as being the person most responsible for both leading America out of the Great Depression and also for winning World War II. He won so many elections for the Presidency (four of them) that Congress passed a law to prevent anyone else from ever running for President for a third term.

As you know, we at the Magi Society believe that a person's astrological chart can be of great help in achieving the type of success that FDR attained. The key is in the Planetary Geometry of the birth chart. FDR was born with the Planetary Geometry he needed to become super successful as a politician. Below is his birth chart.

As you can see, FDR was born with two Cinderella Aspects. Every Cinderella Aspect is a Super Aspect, the kind that gives you a jump start on success and makes most people look at you with respect and admiration. FDR was also born with a MAGIcal angle formed by Jupiter and Uranus, which we believe helped him to become super successful as a politician. We explained all this in our books. In fact, we devoted hundreds of pages of our books to the subject of learning how to analyze a birth chart and accurately determining a person's greatest abilities and assessing the person's chances of attaining super success.

But not everyone born on the same day has a similar future. Astrologers have long attributed this fact to the exact time of birth and the HOUSES. That may be important. But in addition to any person's birth chart, the chart of that person's marriage is crucial and is a very accurate barometer of the person's future success. This is because we believe that everything we do for the FIRST TIME has a birth chart and the astrological strengths or weaknesses of that chart in large measure influence our future success in that category of activity. For example, we believe that the astrological chart of the very first day that Michael Jordan touched a basketball is the birth chart of Jordan's basketball career. And the astrological chart of the very first time that Oprah Winfrey was on television became the birth chart of her television career. But the most significant thing you can choose to do astrologically is to get married. FDR was married on a day that was perfect for his political career. His Marriage Chart also had two Cinderella Aspects. In addition, it had the perfect aspect for success in politics, which is a MAGIcal angle formed between Jupiter and Uranus (the Super Aspect for Politics), just like FDR's birth chart.

So FDR's super success in politics was written in the stars on two days, the day he was born and the day he married. But there were even more astrological signs that foretold of FDR's special talents and likely super success. When he was married, he had Cinderella Transits. This means he had Cinderella Linkages to his Marriage Chart. Below is a CAC (Combined Alignment Chart) of FDR's birth chart and his Marriage Chart. The black planets are the ones representing the positions of the planets when FDR was born. The red planets represent the positions of the planets in the sky on FDR's wedding date. In essence, the red planets are the transiting planets when FDR was married.

What should strike you is how precisely and perfectly the transiting planets fit into FDR's birth chart. On the day FDR was married, there was a Cinderella Aspect of Chiron and Neptune in the sky (highlighted by one of the green lines) and this Cinderella Aspect was sitting right on FDR's natal Venus (highlighted by one of the blue lines) and making MAGIcal Angles to it. At the same time, transiting Pluto in the sky (highlighted by the other blue line) was making a MAGIcal Angle to one of the Cinderella Aspects that FDR was born with (Chiron and Neptune in the declinations). The transiting Pluto makes a Cinderella Linkage to FDR's natal Chiron in the declinations. The transiting Chiron makes a Cinderella Linkage to FDR's natal Venus in the longitudes. In these alignments, FDR's birth chart made two Cinderella Super Linkages to the Marriage Chart. (A Super Linkage is formed by three planets and is a linkage of an aspect to a planet. Just two planets form the normal linkage. This is explained in our third book.)

So FDR was not only born with two Cinderella Aspects, and he not only married on a day that had two Cinderella Aspects, he also had two Cinderella Super Linkages with his Marriage Chart. And this is the astrological foundation he needed to become America's number one Cinderella in politics.


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